Subject Re: [IBO] QuickReport print
Author Helen Borrie
At 08:40 PM 8/10/2007, you wrote:
>Helen Borrie wrote:
> >
> > At 03:06 AM 6/10/2007, you wrote:
> > >>I have a query made with TIB_Query and I want to print this data using
> > >>QuickReport components.
> >
> >It works - easier than you think! :-)
>Please clear some confusion for me. Someone tried to explain this point
>a few months back but... I must be that thick! ;-)
>To design the report will require for him to "draw" controls on the
>report and "bind" them to TFields at design time, yet
>AssignSQLWithSearch is a run-time method (I believe). How would this
>work Hellen?

Just try it! :-)

Set up the two datasets - the native one and the TIBOQuery, with
identical SQL and parameters. Create all the TField objects at
design-time and do whatever you want to do to set up your QR object.

At run-time, first open the native dataset, get it loaded up with the
data you want, call the AssignSQLWithSearch method of the TQuery and
open that; create your QR object and run!