Subject Re: [IBO] Unicode 2
Author Robert martin
Hi Jason

Sorry have made no progress on this. We have decided (for other
reasons) not to use unicode. I don't have a demo app, however If I
recall correctly all you needed was a Unicde db field, running an insert
statement putting a string into that field
(paramByName('dd').asWideString) failed (put in garbage) with TIBOQuery
but worked with TIB_Query.


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Jason Wharton wrote:
>> I Have found the issue. If I replace UpdateQuery below (a TIBOQuery)
>> with a TIB_Query the code works perfectly. We would prefer
>> to use the
>> IBOQuery as we have subclassed it. I think I read something about a
>> problem with Unicode a while ago, has this been fixed yet?
>> We are using
>> version 4.8.6
> Where are you at with these issues?
> If you have a minute and can send a sample app I'd love to see it.
> Especially if it is working in native IBO and not in the TIBOQuery.
> I did fix an issue where it wasn't working in TIBOQuery. Search the release
> notes and make sure you have the latest.
> Jason Wharton
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