Subject RE: [IBO] TBlobField-usage in IBO
Author Jason Wharton

> I am trying to find out how I can achieve the
> TBlobField-functionalities in IBO. In our application we do have some
> blob-fields that are being retrieved and stored. They contain
> graphical information that is being drawn on the canvas of the app.
> What is the best way to convert it (from BDE) to IBO ?
> Is there an easy way to do this ? Any documentation ?
> All other features are quite straightforward, only the
> BLOB-functionalities aren't that easy to convert ?

The equivalent functionality is all there and in most cases it is
transparent. If you are working directly with the blob stream instance you
just have to use a TIBOBlobStream.

Is this missing from the BDE to IBO Conversion Guide?

Jason Wharton