Subject RE: [IBO] IB_Cursor commits automatic on Error
Author Jason Wharton
> > On the other hand, if your SP is executing some DML in addition to
> > feeding out rows to the output buffer --- a highly NOT RECOMMENDED
> > thing to do --- then you will have a genuine need to use Rollback to
> > end the transaction.
> Exactly, my SP executes some DML and after every DML command it does a
> suspend to give a callback to the client. Why it is not recommended?
> In my case a TIB_Query would be better as Alan suggested.

Use the TIB_Cursor component and include the FOR UPDATE clause so that you
do not have pre-fetched records buffered up and throw off your progress
update correlation. This way, each block of execution of the select
procedure will be represented with by record fetched. Each fetch will be a
result of only that record being produced on the server. Without the FOR
UPDATE clause it will process a whole bunch of records and batch them up and
send them to the client is clusters and foul up your scheme.

Jason L Wharton