Subject Re: [IBO] TIBODatabase and multithreading
Author piotr_3m
> 1. Do not mix components for the main thread and the ad hoc threads
> on the same datamodule.
> 2. Make certain that all components in the datamodules have the
> appropriate Creation Order - make it a rule to check this always and
> to correct it, if necessary. (The TIBODatabase should be the first.)
> 3. Explicitly set the IB_Connection property of all statements.
> 4. Check your Project Source. Make certain that you have commented
> out the Create statement for the datamodule that you are going to use
> for the threads.
> 5. Do not use cpLocal as the Protocol for the TIBODatabase that is
> in the datamodule you are going to use for the threads. Use cpTCP_IP
> and fill the Server property appropriately (Localhost or if
> the application and the database server are on the same host machine).
> 6. Another precaution is to clear out any Params entries that might
> be lingering in the thread's IBODatabase at design-time. Make your
> application refer to the Server, Path and Protocol properties directly.

Thanks, I strugle with this problem for 6 days. I allready did most of
that, but this is a great sumary. I head in one of DM OnCreate but i
didnt help

> There may be more configuration issues to consider. In future
> postings, please try to be specific about the messages you are seeing
> when something blows up.

The lack of messages are my another problem, I used to work on EVAL
version. But now my application is almost finished so I bougth Full
version on monday. I migth have done something wrong because I have
all ISC Errors blank, all I know is that it's EIBO_ISCError.

I'll try to somehow find the problem and write abuot them messages.

Thanks very much for your help Helen.