Subject RE: [IBO] Transaction.Refresh(True)
Author Alan McDonald
> > Bottom line...
> > The last line of the above code used to be all that was
> > required. I still like the solution, though, and I also
> > appreciate the timeout feature from the POV of saving
> > system resources. and Oh, you can poke your finger at me
> > all you like for not making explicit transaction starts
> > everywhere.
> No finger poking... it puts holes in the air and birds trip
> over them. ;-)
> What I am unclear about is whether you want any additional
> study of the original problem - or whether you are content
> with your fix. I tend to take my own timer based actions in
> my app (explicit pause and hide the form, bringing the form
> forward does a resume) so I would need to build something
> separate to fully emulate what you describe.
> If you are content with your fix and just want to move on then
> I will happily drop the topic. If you wanted it looked at any
> further let me know and I will see if I can find some time.
> --
> Geoff Worboys
> Telesis Computing

as I said -what I have now is working quite reliably. If anyone appears to
have found this issue, my code may help them. In most cases, testing will
never raise this as an issue since the timeout won't occur. You have to let
the timeout happen before you realise things a different.