Subject Re: [IBO] Transaction.Refresh(True) [Respect]
Author Dany M
Jason L. Wharton wrote:
> Alan,
>> But since all I get from you, Helen, is insult and aggression, I'll save
>> the full story for someone who might be more pleasantly interested.
> I've been out of state for a while and have not been on top of all the
> threads in this list. I've been occupied with other urgent business
> matters. My apologies for this and I realize many of you perhaps are
> wondering if I'm even still alive. I assure you I am alive and well.
> I hope everyone will give Helen a whole lot of appreciation for taking on a
> huge load of supporting users in this list in my absence. I'm sure this is
> not easy for her to do as IBO is a very deep and broad product. If
> something Helen says to you appears to be insulting or aggressive please
> demonstrate a willingness to either take a step back and fill in the gaps
> where she may not have been given all the information she needs or at the
> least bear in mind that she has at any given time 100's of emails chirping
> loudly as if she is the mama bird feeding her demanding little gauzlings and
> that there are times mama simply gets overwhelmed and a wire or two may
> cross from one email to the next or her patience level is less than perfect.
> I don't think anyone could be paid enough to do the job I think Helen simply
> does out of her desire to see Firebird, IBO, etc. and developers using them
> to have success in their respective efforts.

Hear, hear!

> I'm going to be watching this list more now that I am finally settled in one
> spot for more than a week that has dial-up access to the internet. I expect
> from now on technical aspects of IBO will be discussed with complete mutual
> respect between all. I hope to get my affairs concluded up north and to be
> home in Arizona the end of this month.

Must say I'm baffled by the poor coverage of Internet access in that
huge and developed country :) Though I read that in Seattle everyone
have free wireless access.