Subject RE: [IBO] Transaction.Refresh(True)
Author Alan McDonald
> Utter bunkum. A transaction *has* to be started in order to pass a
> request, e.g. to open a dataset (which needs a SELECT statement).

you start a transaction implicitly by opening a dataset. You start it
explicitly by first starting it then opening the dataset.

the problem I have now solved has everything to do with this disparate way
IBO handles these two kinds of transaction starts and which boolean test you
use of the three:
IB_Transaction1.Started, or
in order to test and refresh this implicit or explicit transaction.

The timeout props behave quite differently with an implicit transaction
start as opposed to an explicit start.

But since all I get from you, Helen, is insult and aggression, I'll save the
full story for someone who might be more pleasantly interested.