Subject Re: [IBO] fastest IB_Cursor... how???
Author Carlos GarcĂ­a Trujillo
> It's one more piece of stuff that would
> have to be taken care of by the server if, say, the connection was
> broken; and it's not useful to have the server holding resources
> unecessarily; and, if it is in a read-write transaction, it will
> up garbage collection.

i'm using ReadCommited transaction level; did you mean that if i keep
a TIB_Cursor Open by mistake at the client side i'm wasting resources
in the Server??? even if TIB_Cursor's are unidirectional and i have
the AutoFetchAll property to True????

and why Jason use TIB_SchemaCursor??? are there some beneficts of the
use of it???

Thanx in advance