Subject Re: [IBO] fastest IB_Cursor... how???
Author Svein Erling Tysvaer
Carlos GarcĂ­a Trujillo wrote:
> i'm implementing an OLAP application, so with a TIB_Cursor i get some
> data from the DB and fill some non DBAware controls with that
> information... these are just for a dashboard so can be readonly...
> i just was wondering if i have the right configuration for a
> TIB_Cursor with this purpose??? some advise that i'm not seeing????
> Thanx Helen, as always... =:-)

Define "slow", and show us some exerpts of your code. Several things may
slow things down, if the database has a huge number of tables and
fields, then IBO can (or at least could) use a long time to get the
system information about tables that you don't use in your query. If you
use FieldByName, then this is considerably slower than using a
TIB_Column and assign the field to that column or use Fields[].
AsVariant needs more time than AsInteger (I think) and repreparing a
query is a waste of time when only a parameter changes. Naturally, there
is a huge difference in time between a query executing locally on the
computer or through a slow dial up connection through the Internet.

Doing everything correctly, it could be possible to read some thousands
of records (provided you select only a few, short fields) per second. If
your requirement is more than 10 000 records per second, then Firebird
may have a hard time (though my experience with this dates quite a while
back, possibly Firebird 1.0, so maybe Firebird 1.5 or 2.0 may be able to
give you considerably more).

Ask specific questions detailing your problem and it is likely that you
get some good advice on this list. General questions will get general
answers that may or may not address your problem. TIB_Cursor does not
have any property "SpeedUpQuery" or similar (at least, I haven't found
it) ;o)

Good luck in speeding up your query,