Subject Re: [IBO] IBOServices and FB2 RC4
Author Helen Borrie
At 06:12 AM 4/09/2006, you wrote:
>Dear List
>I've taken the bold step to upgrade from FB1.5.3 to FB2RC4
>Now I need to know if my backup-restore module written into my software,
>using IBO, and using the IBOServices by Mengoni, will still be working

It should; but one of the highly important purposes of working with
beta software (as Fb 2.0 RC4 is) is to test such things. I'm curious
about the Mengoni components too, as he hasn't updated them at all
during the Fb 2.0 workup.

>I tried a backup, and it worked just fine. I tried a restore and it worked
>just fine.

Sounds hopeful.

>How do I know if the OnDiscStructure(ODS) of the *.fdb backed up and
>restored is now the version ODS11 of FB2.0RC4?
>If the backup - restore worked, can I accept that it is now ODS11?

Yes. Backing up an earlier gbak backup and restoring it under the
later gbak is what you do to upgrade the ODS, i.e. gbak is the
utility designed to do that. It isn't designed to work in the other
direction, though (although, as it happens, there is a technique that
*can* revert the ODS, specifically from Fb 2.0 to Fb 1.5) in most cases....)

>If I copy this *.fdb database, now restored on FB2.0RC4 machine to a FB1.5.3
>machine, will it still work?

No. So don't throw away that Fb 1.5 backup yet. If you have
(inadvisedly) used your ODS-11 database in production, and need to
revert, then ask how in firebird-support.

NOTE CAREFULLY, there will be a RC 5. There is a handful of
important bugs and backports being worked on, that escaped the RC 4
release candidate. They won't affect your application code if you
have not utilised any new language features; but they are a good
reason not to switch your production databases yet. The warnings in
the General Notes section of the release notes are not merely a disclaimer!