Subject Re: [IBO] Alter User
Author Helen Borrie
At 03:57 PM 18/08/2006, you wrote:
>I am using WinXp, Firebird 2.0 rc4 with Ibo 4.6Bc.
>TIB_Connection.alteruser to add new user and access violation in
>msvcrt71.dll. why?

I believe you will find it's a bug caused by incompatibility between
the client libraries you are using and the Visual Studio 7 C runtime
library. The exact cause I can't explain, I only know that Paul
Reeves has undertaken to do something in Fb 2.0 RC5 build to avoid it.

>how to fix this?

First, make sure that you do have the correct Fb client library
versions, both in the server's bin directory AND in your client's
application path, i.e. build number matching the build number of the
fbserver.exe that you are running. They were compiled in VS 7 and so
should work with that dll. Also, of course, make sure that IBO is
actually *loading* the correct client library.

If that doesn't provide a temporary fix, another one you could *try*
is to rename the msvcrt71.dll in your system directory and then copy
the one that is in your Fb 2.0 bin directory. No guarantees,
though; you might just need to wait for RC5.