Subject Re: [IBO] Re: Masking problem with TDateTime field
Author Lester Caine
mspencewasunavailable wrote:

> Here's the complete stack from the OnChange event handler, when the
> data gets put into the field. If I change the Windows short date to
> MM/dd/yyyy, so that there's a leading 0 (08/16/2006), then
> everything's fine.
> When the short date is M/d/yyyy (evidently the default) it seems
> that the string passed in is 8/16/2005 and isn't really lining up
> with the mask.

This is one of the annoying problems with dates in general. I have even
more fun since the preferred format for MY customers is dd/mm/yyyy and
some of the time IBO correctly converts that to m/d others it does not
and I have to handle it myself. You will not have that problem, but
certainly setting the short date format at the start of the program
kills many of the holes - just not necessarily all of them :(

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