Subject Re: [IBO] Problem using locate
Author James N Hitz
I have never attempted to answer a question of this nature but ... always a first time.

In my view, it does not make any sense to have 1 million+ records showing at any one time. Realistically, one would never be able to "see" all these records at the same time... not even 2% of these records. In other words you "spend" resources on records you will probably never use during the entire session.

Assuming your user makes at least 50 searches per hour (400 for an 8-hour day), and assuming each search generates an interest in 100 other records, this boils down to a hitrate of 40000 records for an entire day!! (so you would be utilizing only about 1.5% of your 3m records cache). This is inefficient by any standards. Try and point it out to your end user from this perspective.

I would suggest using a master-detail interface, and then forming some kind of "association" that would allow searching for one person to show "related" records from other people as well.

An example would be an association by region, transaction date, type of transaction or some other form of "association" that your users would normally be looking out for.

James N Hitz

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Subject: Re: [IBO] Problem using locate

John Costanzo wrote:

While crude conversions can be made, as you have found this is not the
idea way of working.

> The user scrolls or searched in the small grid and the
> large grid follows along. In IBO this works but there is a many
> minute delay. Is there a way to establish position into a file
> without selecting. Any help would be appriciated. Thanks.

You need to try building this with IB_ components rather than bothering
with the legacy stuff. It was what IBO was designed for. You set up a
master and detail in IB_Query datasets and link them via the relevant
fields. One will track the other nicely, but when attached to IB_Grid
the system will only load those records needed. I wasted 6 months trying
to convert a BDE application to IBO. It took a week to re-write it from
scratch AND gain a lot of functionality that the original simply did not
have - such as incremental search ;)

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