Subject Re: [IBO] Delphi doesn't see new fields at runtime?
Author Lester Caine
ra8009 wrote:

> I modifed a field in a Firebird data table and added two new ones.
> Whether I use a TIBOTable or TIBOQuery, Delphi sees the new fields at
> design time becuase I can add them as persistent fields. Bizarrely,
> when I reference the new fields at runtime Delphi says they don't exist!
> I've tried referencing the field objects and also used fieldByName and
> FindField. I've also tried changing the field names to test1 and
> test2, rebooted, etc. etc. but nothing works.
> At runtime I even tried GetFieldNames, but the fields are not on the
> list. What could possibly be wrong?

What does IB_SQL show as the field list for that Table outside of Delphi?

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