Subject Re: [IBO] Long delay when 1st connecting to database
Author Helen Borrie
At 11:15 PM 14/08/2006, you wrote:
>I am trying to convert some Paradox applications to IBO. All works
>great except that the 1st time I connect to the database there is a
>long delay (around 4 minutes). The hard disc light flashes
>continuously. The 1st application I converted has a table with over 3
>million records to I thought that was the problem so I converted
>another applicaion that has a tables with less that 100 records but
>the same delay. This only happens the 1st time the database is
>connected. If I exit the application and restart it all works fine
>but if I turn the system of and on and then restart the application
>the long delay happens.
>The only thing I cound think of was that all records were being
>fetched but the queries have AutoFetchAll set to False so I am lost. I
>am using IBO4 , P4 @ 2.4Ghz, XP Pro, 250Gb hard drive, Delphi 7. Can
>anyone assist.

What's the suffix of your database file? If ".gdb" then change it to
".ib" or ".fdb" because you are encountering a well-known issue with
XP's SystemRestore feature - it locks a ".gdb" file as soon as it is
opened and creates a file image of it. (The first connection to a
database is the one that causes the IB or Firebird Superserver to
open the file....and XceedinglyPainful to do its stuff...)