Subject Re: [IBO] Static Library Cbuilder 6
Author Lester Caine
Hugo Alberto Perlin wrote:

> I have installed Ibobjects 4.6 Eval on my computer, everthing occurs
> ok. But when I try to compile something in Cbuilder 6, some .lib files
> are asked, like IBO40FTS_C6.lib, IBO40TRT_C6.lib, IBO40CRT_C6.lib,
> etc. I have alredy verified the Library Path and other things, and
> they are ok. Anybody have the same problem?

I'm still a few versions behind on IBO, but there is a problem with most
versions of Builder when building projects where it checks for parts of
the projects that have yet to be built, so you have just ignore messages
until things are happy. Once the first build was done, then Builder was

However I think that problem sounds as if it has been bypassed and Jason
has supplied a version now that includes pre-built files for IBO on
Builder? Do you have the IBO path in your includes entry of the project,
along with path to the library files in that library entry? Are there
.bpi copies of the .lib files in the same location?

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