Subject Re: [IBO] Scroll in IB_Grid
Author Helen Borrie
At 12:44 AM 8/08/2006, you wrote:
>XP Pro SP2
>IBO 4.6A
>This is for a warehouse application to fill orders. I have and
>IB_Grid connected to an IB_Query/Datasource that shows six lines of
>items to be filled. The user scans the bar code which marks the item
>filled in the code. The query is ordered so the fill order is
>ascending, i.e. the top item is filled first.
>I would like to automatically position the current row of the grid to
>show the last item filled on the top row, then the next five items.
>I see the IB_CustomGrid.TopRowNum that I can set, however I don't know
>how to get the Row number of the row that the client is on to work
>backwards to the new TopRowNum.

Dataset.RowNum gives you the row number that the dataset cursor is
currently on.
Grid.GridRowNum gives you the same information, i.e. the dataset row
number that currently has the focus in the grid.

Can you work out the logic from there?