Subject Re: [IBO] TIB_METADATA - etTrigger doesn't work
Author ronald_greven
Hi Geoff,

many thanks for your fast help. This really solve my problem.
I don't need dependencies, cause I check them by myself.

Many thanks..


--- In, Geoff Worboys <geoff@...> wrote:
> > If I add etTables the export works?
> > What is wrong there?
> > I hope you can help me.
> The TIB_Metadata stuff was written with object heirarchy in
> mind. Triggers (I considered) to belong to tables (as do
> constraints, indexes etc). So if a table is not exported its
> triggers will not be exported.
> This arrangement makes it easier to, for example, extract
> sections of a database and still get all the objects you need
> to make a complete section of the database. (For example you
> can set up filters to select the tables you want, and only
> the triggers, constraints and indexes for those tables would
> be included by default.)
> But, having said all that, there is a CodeOptions item that you
> can turn on to have it ignore dependencies. Called, strangely
> enough: coIgnoreDependencies
> That option was intended primarily to allow extraction of
> custom metadata table triggers, but should also solve your
> problem.
> See the IBO help file for TIB_DDLCodeOption, to get a
> description of each of the code options.
> --
> Geoff Worboys
> Telesis Computing