Subject [IBO] Re: Entering Litterals, Expressions directly into TIBOQuery Update SQL
Author Tony Masefield
Thanks Lester,

My first *PC* goes back to 1976 (HP 9815 from memory - 1008 *program
steps* - i.e. Bytes memory) so when I say my programming is 'on and
off' you know what I mean.
Wish now I had done Computer Science at Uni rather than Chemistry...

Never wrote anything CS type up until a few years back (using
Advantage). 99% of what I have ever done was *desktop* based so SQL
is new to me. Just have to remember where Delphi ends and SQL
starts ...


--- In, Lester Caine <lester@...> wrote:
> Going back a number of years I was having a similar problem with
> converting BDE code to work with IBO. First time round I gave up,
> six months later - while fighting to get the BDE stuff stable - I
> again, but starting from scratch rather than converting the BDE
code. It
> made all the difference and in a couple of months I had an even
> application than the one I had been trying to make stable for
nearly two
> years !
> So start with clean IBO code and you will be better of ;)
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