Subject RE: [IBO] IBO.NET?
Author Alan McDonald
> Jason Wharton wrote:
> > As yet I have not found a developer to port IBO over to .NET.
> I would still
> > like to do that.
> > How do you like .NET? If possible, I'd like to hear
> everyone's opinion on
> > the importance that IBO be ported to run in the .NET environment.
> I intend to ignore .NET for a while. We'll probably (have to) use
> it, but not this year.
> 2007? Maybe.
> --
> Aage J.

similar vote here
PHP is just fine for my web stuff
Win32 and D7 is still quite current for my desktop stuff
- another 12-18 months before I really need to think about it.
Maybe when the next MS OS is released...
Of course, when I do eventually (think I) need it - I'll need it yesterday -
I have not had any customer ask for .NET yet - they still just ask "How
much?" - strange isn't it. :-)