Subject Re: [IBO] TIB_DSQL and Active
Author clivewalden
> It doesn't look like a correct usage of an Execute operation to me
> (though you still didn't provide an example).

I thought I did (in the snippet).
I realize now you also would like to see the SQL.
> Seriously, if you are somehow passing a key so you can pull over a
> blob associated with that key, you should use a TIB_Cursor and a
> SELECT statement. Trying to pass blobs in SP arguments is fraught
> with problems architecturally.
Then ,if I may, I would suggest some changes to the help file and FAQ
to enforce that.

The way I understood my reading of those, if you only need a single
row returning a TIB_DSQL is the leanest way to do that. I believe I
read that a TIB_Cursor employs several TIB_DSQL components internally.
I do not recall reading that a TIB_DSQL component should not be used
for a single row select statement.

The current code (as per snippet) is working fine; but I take it that
you recommend changing to a TIB_Cursor anyway.

At least you know I try to do the research first<s>.