Subject Re: [IBO] Prepared
Author Geoff Worboys
> I know that the prepared property should be used whenever
> I'll be using paramByName. Do I need to set "Prepared" more
> than once? Can I just set parameters and have the result
> change without calling close and open? What about DML queries
> like Inserts that use ExecSQL?

The whole idea with prepared statements is that you can prepare
them once and use them multiple times.

With things like Insert statements you need to be aware that
IBO will retain the parameter values between executions, so you
must clear or reset all the values with each call.

When using parameters with live queries you may want to look
at the RefreshOnParamChange property - and know that you may
need to use BeginUpdate/EndUpdate on the Params row when you
want to change multiple parameters at once.

Most of this and more can be found on the IBO website in the
FAQ, techinfo and the examples that come with IBO.

Geoff Worboys
Telesis Computing