Subject Re: [IBO] ODD Error message -803 - Did not work
Author Johannes Pretorius
Good day Geoff and all others

We have tried the code change. it works as possible

first start with
A) db.starttransaction
B) Set TIBOQuery values (call insert. Set values . Do Post)
C) End all with db.Commit
D) IF there is exception then we call db.Rollback IF db. InTransaction

This unluckily did not work also. We thought it worked. But these where new accounts with NEW
foreing entries. When we moved back to the more than one entry that was linked to the same foreign entriy
THEN the error comes back again.

We really don'y know how to get past this one.

Any help will be appreciated

Thanks in Advance


At 11:12 AM 26/04/2006, you wrote:

>> If we look at the code of ApplyUpdates of the db it seems to
>> do it all in a very controlled manner regardless if it is in
>> chached updates or not.
>> Please correct me if I am wrong here.
>> I NEED to add that we have only moved over to not using
>> chached updates it WAS previously on chached updates
>> and created the SAME error.
>> Thanks for the reply and help
>I have no experience with cached updates, never used them.
>But it seemed likely that mixing cached update methods
>with non-cached updates was likely to cause unpredictable
>problems. In particular there are lots of places where
>the cached update methods only do anything if cached updates
>is turned on.
>Also, use the SQL Monitor to see what is actually going to
>the server. That may help find out what is happening.
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