Subject Re: [IBO] DB navigator problem
Author Helen Borrie
At 12:20 PM 26/04/2006, you wrote:
>Just changed a screen to work with a TIBOQuery instead of a TIBOTable.
>Almost all is working fine, however the refresh button on my dbnavigator
>is now disabled. Any ideas why?
>The IBOQuery is on a Readonly transaction. The SQL follows
>SELECT .... Fields
>FROM Client c
>LEFT JOIN Address a ON a.AddressRef = c.AddressRef
>WHERE :ShowMode = 'A' OR c.ChargeFlag = :ShowMode
>ORDER BY c.ClientCode
>Setting ShowMode to 'A' displays all otherwise it filters to ChargeFlag.

From the VCL Help:

Refresh Refreshes the buffered data in the associated dataset. For
TQuery components, this button is disabled unless the RequestLive
property isTrue.