Subject RE: [IBO] Where to find - TIBOBackupService/TIBORestoreService
Author Don Schoeman
Hi Johannes,

totally off topic, but its nice to see a fellow South African on this
mailing list.

Sorry for the interruption, you may all continue now ;)

Don Schoeman

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Subject: [IBO] Where to find - TIBOBackupService/TIBORestoreService

good day

Please forgive if this is a stupid question. I have noticed the list entries
TIBOBackupService. I want to know if somebody can please direct me on where
this can be found ?

I have searched all our 4.6A code, but have not found it. Is it in any
special packages that must be downloaded ?

Thanks in Advance

Johannes Pretorius
(Programeerings Departement- Promed)

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