Subject Re: [IBO] TIBOBackupService/TIBORestoreService
Author Steve Harp
--- In, Helen Borrie <helebor@...> wrote:
> At 01:00 AM 20/04/2006, you wrote:
> >Hi All,
> >
> >I have an issue where during backup or restore the backup file (Fbk)
> >is being left open. The components are connecting to Firebird using
> >cpLocal and the application is basically a single user application. I
> >was under the impression that when I set TIBOBackupService.Active or
> >TIBORestoreService.Active to False that the Fbk would be closed. This
> >apparently isn't the case. How can I tell when/if the backup file
> >closes? Is there a way to force it's closure?
> Steve, I've been struggling today trying to get TIBOBackup service
> running in IB 4.6A. Unfortunately it seems to be I'm a
> bit stumped for now to make a demo.
> However, to pick up on two things I pointed to when you posted about
> this problem in firebird-support:
> 1) As long as you create the TIBOBackupService, it will stay as it
> was until the application ends. So the application keeps its
> exclusive filesystem lock on the backup file.
> 2) What I wanted to test was whether creating and destroying the
> IBOBackupService object at runtime would release the backup file. In
> theory, it should, since destroying the object should cause all
> resources it owned or created to be released.
> 3) I had also asked you two other questions that will be significant
> to the problem:
> 1. Is your backup routine included in a data access application?
> 2. Whether the answer to 1) is yes or no, are you trying to make a
> cpLocal connection for both the data access application and the
> backup simultaneously? So far, we know that you are using cpLocal
> for the backup...

Hi Helen,

I'm using v4.5 and the TIBOBackupService and TIBORestoreService seem
to work fine. I'm not creating the objects dynamically though; I'll
try this. The Backup and Restore is performed by a DLL written for
this purpose that can be used by multiple applications. All
applications that use the DLL use cpLocal and all close their
connections prior to calling the DLL. They do not, however, destroy
their connection objects.

You had mentioned something on the Firebird group that made me think
you had concerns about using cpLocal. Would cpTCP_IP with server set
to be a better choice? If so, what's the difference?