Subject Re: [IBO] Re: Update Query Problem
Author Helen Borrie
At 09:02 PM 17/04/2006, you wrote:
>hello mam,
> the query runs fine. i forgot to type quote at the end. and i
>send u actual picture because you asked for more information. I am
>sorry if you feel annoyed to that. and the problem which i am facing
>is faced by other person. here is his note.
>Malav A Shah earlier noted IBO used in development fails with FB 2
>(RC1) (not a production FB version) as some IBO (4.6A) sql uses table
>aliases inconsistently, which was OK before FB2. Before I saw Malav's
>note I had been using an application developed on a machine using a FB
>1.5.3 server and running it testing-live on another PC using a FB2
>(RC2) server. Running live I saw no problems with IBO and FB2
>together. Of course I might have luckily escaped the problems. I also
>saw some improved selection times usinf FB 2.
>On trying to develop with FB2 (RC1) and IBO (4.3Aa) I hit the errors
>Malav hit. By "develop" I mean, for example, opening a TIB_Query and
>preparing it. This is my way of ensuring the queries SQL is good.
>So we need to wait for IBO 4.6A+ to develop with FB 2.
>Russell Belding

The relevant point here is probably "Wait." The aliasing issue with
IBO and Firebird 2 arises in two situations:

1. Where IBO intially fetches the metadata before the first
Prepare: the system query uses a mixture of aliases and table
identifiers. This used to be allowed (FB 1.5 and below; and all
InterBase); in Fb 2 it is not allowed.

2. When *you* submit a query that has aliases and table identifiers mixed.

However, I think you can see that these situations are not likely to
return the error you got.

So - as long as your SALES is a table and not a view *and* you are
certain that your Description field is not read-only, then the error
that you are getting back is the wrong one. The usual reason for
that is using the wrong version of firebird.msg at the server, or
having an old firebird.msg file in the client application path.

>I post this error cos i hit this kind of problem. I searched all the
>messages, and in one of the solution you told a person not to get
>panic and contact and you will find solution to that.

Be sure that I don't want private messages from anyone on a support
topic unless I invite you to contact me.

>I am not expert or master. I am just a beginner.

If you're a beginner, don't try to cut your teeth on
betas. Uninstall Fb 2 and install Fb 1.5.

>Once again Sorry
>to annoy you. It won't happen again.

You didn't annoy me. But you did annoy the Firebird core developers
with your three times abuse of the bug tracker.