Subject RE: [IBO] Install prblm
Author Jason Wharton
If there is a conflict on the ZLIB library some controls will not get

I have a new version of the installer with the problem control stripped out.

TIB_OleContainer has been removed along with its need for ZLIB.pas.

I've got to officially get the next sub-release ready and release it. It's
almost done.

Jason Wharton

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> Subject: [IBO] Install prblm
> The install of IBO/4.6 (into D6Ent and BDS2006Pro) seemed to work
> perfectly. However, it turns out that some of IBO was not installed
> into D6. I can only see Core, Access, Tools and Internet on the
> pallette - 8 or so are missing.
> Is there a procedure to install the rest (without mucking up what's
> already working fine)?
> I've installed two component sets after IBO (InfoPower4000 and
> dbISAM/4.21) - I hope these didnt' break anything... I need to use
> D/6 until old programs are converted to D/2006.
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> Aage J.