Subject Re: [IBO] Blob fields and storing files w/pseudo directory structure
Author jaguarius2003
Hi Helen,

It makes me very sad I never thought of that. Geez, so basically make
a blob storage table that works like every other table in a relational
database. Yeah, that could work.

Thanks for pointing out the obvious, I guess sometimes you just need
that outside perspective.


Jason S. Gagnon

(P.S. Thanks Allan too :)

> Define a table and store one file per table. As a minimum, a "file
> record" would contain a primary key (document_id) and your blob. But
> you would want to add other attributes, e.g. a node_id and
> parent_node_id if you wanted to do your simulated directory tree
> structure; you might want a title, a short summary, creation and
> update dates, author, assignment_id, keys to keyword entries,
> grouping identities, etc.
> You can manipulate the ways the document is passed around, relocated,
> etc., using relationships: basically, design a relational structure
> that enables you to put your document exactly where you want it, when
> you want it.
> Helen