Subject RE: [IBO] IB_Grid and partial row
Author Jason Wharton
> Is there a chance to make IB_Grid display partial row instead
> of blank space at
> the bottom of the grid.
> I have a grid that will have default row height rather big
> (around 100) and I
> would like to see at least part of the next row instead of
> huge blank space.

There was someone who did make some changes and got it working that way. I
don't recall who or where. If your use of the grid is for display only then
you can probably make some tweaks to the TIB_Grid sources and get it
working. I used to support it in IBO 3.x but when I went to IBO 4.x the
buffering mechanisms were significantly changed and I had to eliminate it
due to some technicalities.

Jason Wharton