Subject Re: [IBO] Offline Archives
Author Helen Borrie
At 01:00 AM 25/03/2006, you wrote:
>I have seen a Borland Interbase and Delphi newsgroup archive that is
>available in .ZIP format for offline browsing/searching - providing
>a wealth of information within easy reach. Is there such a feature
>for IBObjects using which beginners can struggle to learn the ropes
>without wasting precious bandwidth?

1. The list archive is at,
click Messages. The search capabilities are fairly poor though.

2. The list is mirrored as a newsgroup at
news:// Select egroups.ibobjects. Then you will get
a threaded archive of about two years' worth of messages.

3. The FAQ application at the main ibo site (
accesses about 2000 of the most frequently asked questions in a
database. It is searchable.

4. At some point, years ago, someone did make a zipped archive of
about a year's worth of list mail. It is still in the Files area at
the yahoo site (about 3.5 Mb), but probably too old to be a lot of use now.