Subject Re: [IBO] I made program "Bible search 1.0".All 66 bible books....
Author Helen Borrie
At 09:02 AM 17/03/2006, you wrote:
>I made program "Bible search 1.0".All 66 bible books from 'Creation'
>to 'Apocalipsa' are stored in database on two ways for two
>ways of search.
>One way is literary, every vers are stored form the book to the book
>in 66 tables.
>The second way is alphabetical order of tables from 'A' to 'Z'.Text
>has unicode signs like č,š,đ...
>Now BIBLE.GDB are 30MB size because I have bible twice!
>...Anyway I have pogram from someone developed in MS Access
>whitch size is 2,7MB!!!
>How is it possible, and where is gap in my strategy!?

This is not an IBO question.

I recommend that you post your problem to the
Firebird-support list and include the metadata of
your tables. "One table per book" does not sound
like an effective relational database strategy.

In passing, I'd comment that, if you are storing
the actual text of the Bible books in blobs, then
30 Mb does not seem unreasonably large. If the
old Access DB was only 2.5 Mb, then it was not
storing the text of the books, but linking to external files.