Subject Re: [IBO] IBquery - OnError raises Exception, although RaiseException:=False
Author G. Nau
Am 13 Mar 2006 um 23:06 hat Helen Borrie geschrieben:

> At 10:55 PM 13/03/2006, you wrote:
> >I'm checking for duplicate entries during the post within the query's onerror
> >event:
> >procedure TLager.IB_Query_BestellNrError(Sender: TObject;
> > const ERRCODE: Integer; ErrorMessage, ErrorCodes: TStringList;
> > const SQLCODE: Integer; SQLMessage, SQL: TStringList;
> > var RaiseException: Boolean);
> > ...
> >This is detecting the duplicate insertion and showing the messagebox. But
> >after that I got an exception EIB_DatasetError (Record not inserted),
> >although RaiseException is set to false.
> >
> >Did I make a mistake here or how can i prevent the exception message to
> >the user?
> Are you testing this by running it in the
> IDE? Run the executable independently and check
> whether you still see the internal error output. I think you will not. :-)
> Helen

nope ... it "Record is not inserted" message is showing up. Either within the
IDE or as stand alone application. The Exception is only showing up inside
the IDE.
I create a small sample project to verify the behavior. The "record was not
inserted" message is coming from within IBO.
I've traced it down to the ib_constant "E_Record_Not_Inserted" and that is
used within IBODataset.pas, TIBOUpdateSQL.ExecSQL

But how can I disable that message box/database error exception?


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