Subject Re: [IBO] Creating a database via it's alias
Author Martijn Tonies
> >btw, I can confirm this works fine on TCP/IP.
> Martijn, did you notice the thread in ib_support about aliasing and
> Named Pipes? In short, aliasing is broken for NP, and has been
> through all of the Fb 1.5 release versions.

Yes, I read that ... but according to the customer, he was
using TCP/IP, although the error message didn't look like

> It did work was working at the time I wrote the Book
> (during the betas). Dmitry fixed it in Firebird 2 and says it would
> be a fairly trival fix to do for Fb 1.5.4 (if we do one). He did say
> he would try to find time to do a patch...

Guess almost no-one uses named pipes ;-)

Martijn Tonies
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