Subject Re: [IBO] Connection Problem
Author Dany M
Metin Gonen wrote:
> Hi,
> While exe file is open and doing some work using IBObject & Firebird , If there is a DSL connection and if this connection to the internet ends somehow our connection with the firebird ends. The program starts giving messages that it is not possible to connect to the host.
> How can I solve this problem ?
> Regards,
> Metin Gonen

There has been some discussion of this in the newsgroup so it might pay
off to do a search.

There is a series of error codes that corresponds to lost connection. I
think theres even a IsLostConnection(errorcode) function in IBO
somewhere, but I con not look it up at the moment.

At the session error handling handle these errors, then do a reconnect.
Look at the excellent transaction pausing sample to get some hints as to
how to "reconnect" you existing queries. I did not get it to work
without using windows message queue (postmessage) and
application.onmessage tweaks.

This is all I can write at the moment.

Good luck!