Subject Re: keylinks keysource and select sp
Author jeffplata
--- In, Helen Borrie <helebor@...> wrote:
> Let's say you're using a bigint for your gl code (max 20 bytes
> possible). Let's say your account description is 60 bytes. "=" 1
> byte. Thats 81 bytes per account. 4 Gb (if that's the limit, it
> seems extraordinarily high) could accommodate approximately 53
> million accounts. I have a slight feeling that something else in the
> system might break before you needed that many strings in your
> stringlist. (I'm trying to visualise what a stack of 53 million
> sheets of A4 looks like in the printer room...)

I got the point. <g>

[amusing story snipped]

> So, it's a long story with a short moral: think laterally as well as
> longitudinally. :-)

Well, if you have this kind of LONG story all the time, might as well
auction my Delphi books at ebay. I don't know, I tend to favor the real
life "I had this project once..." over the more theoretical "Let's
assume that Company A produces 3000 units of widget xyz...". Thank you
for sharing your thoughts.

Oh by the way, now you got me thinking why you splitted that Stringlist
into a pair of stringlists. But wait, I think it's dawning on me... :-)