Subject Re: [IBO] Records show at design time but not runtime
Author Helen Borrie
At 10:52 PM 13/03/2006, you wrote:

>I get this error when running the code listed below (I log in with
>SYSDBA & masterkey):
>'Access violation at address 004A977C in module 'TestProj2.exe'. Read
>of address 00000054'. Process TestProj2.exe (2424)
>procedure TDataModule3.DataModuleCreate(Sender: TObject);
>if not ib_connection1.Connected then
> ib_connection1.Connect;
> with ib_query1 do
> begin
> if not ib_transaction.started then
> ib_transaction.StartTransaction;
> Open;
> end;

You've got an unreferenced object there somewhere...
Do you actually have objects named ib_connection1 and ib_query1? If
you do, are the ib_connection and ib_transaction properties of
ib_query1 actually set to anything?