Subject Re: [IBO] Delphi 5 Standard & TIBO components
Author mitch_landor
--- In, Helen Borrie <helebor@...> wrote:
> At 05:45 PM 11/03/2006, you wrote:
> >I have an old registered copy of Delphi 5 Standard which included a
> >commercial distribution licence but no Tdataset components.
> >
> >Presumably I could use the native IB components successfully, but
> >would not be able to use any of the TIBO components?
> Correct. But you won't be able to use the TIB_* web components,
> either, because the web support is another thing that D5 standard
> doesn't include.
> Helen


I'm astonished at both your encylopedic knowledge and your 24/7
responses to this group. Amazing. Insomniac?

I've trawled through past messages and based on your experience, would
you recommend that I stick with Delphi 4 (plus updates) which did
include Tdataset (don't know about the web stuff)? I know it's
regarded as a dog, but I'd really like to be able to avoid spending
US$1,000 right now...?

Also, I tried to install IB into Delphi 4 and got the "only 3 tabs
problem" as previously discussed here:

I tried following your instructions below, but still no luck.

You wrote:

"For Delphi 4,

1) Remove the packages that the Components|Install components applet
is displaying; then close Delphi.

2) Use Search to find all of the "..._D4" BPLs and copy them into the
system directory, e.g. into windows\system32 on XP.

(Presumably this means all "..._D4.bpl" in the IBO directory &

3) You might have to do the same with the DCP files, except move them
into your IBO root directory instead of the system directory

(Presumably all *.dcp files in the IBO subdirectories &
windows\system32 directory? )

4) Then restart Delphi and use the "..." dialog to locate and install
the IBO packages.

("..." dialog???)

5) D4 is such a temperamental beast that you should next try to do a
"Save All" if it is available, then close and restart Delphi.

6) If it didn't "take" then double-check your system paths and
repeat 4) and 5)."

Thanks for your help.