Subject Re: [IBO] Backups hanging
Author Steve Harp
--- In, Artur Anjos <listas@...> wrote:
> Steve Harp wrote:
> > The machine I'm testig on now has msvcp50, 60, 70, and 71. What does
> > this tell me?
> >
> 60. Right click it, properties, version tab will show you the full
> From your first post, I was expecting that the backup stops somewhere.
> The problem that I detect is different (remember that I'm using
> version): the back up just stops somewhere, but not at the end (I'm
> using verbose, so I check for the last sentence in code to verify if it
> does fully ends ok).
> I didn't pay much attention to this, anyway. It just happen in Windows
> 98, and I don't have a win98 machine to test on.
> Updating microsoft C library in one machine fix it (as much as we
> so I was just curious about it.
> Are you using verbose? Can you check if it stops always in the same

The version is 6.2.3104.0. And yes, I'm using verbose. I'll check
the output and see where it fails. In my case, the fbk is being held
open by the service after the backup attempt completes.