Subject Re: ib_grid ib_lookupcombo flicker
Author jeffplata

Thank you for sharing your code. I do believe that tweaking ib_grid
is quite an involved task, as evidenced by your code. I hope that in
the future this component gets more attention. I share your views on
the importance of well embedded controls. Anyway, IBO is already a
fantastic product. Meantime, since time is of the essence, I have
temporarily abandoned combo lookups in favor of popup windows (which
does not flicker the grid).

--- In, Dany M <arbit@...> wrote:
> jeffplata wrote:
> > (Using ibo 4.5b)
> >
> > I noticed the grid flickers when I leave a cell that has
lookupcombo in
> > it. Very visible when using Win95 P100 machines. Any way to fix
> >
> I donät know if I should open my mouth here at all, but since you
> not get any other reply...
> There are other standing issues with embedded controls in grids that
> Jason is aware of. These issues are on low priority as there seem
to be
> a general idea around that embedding controls is a bad idea :(
> Personally I think this is alarming as I use embedded controls
> extensively to achieve an efficients UI. Both me and my users like
> The flicker has been up in this ng before, do a search but I
suspect you
> won't find any solution. From the top of my head I remember advice
> using less number of columns &c.
> I started a small project to rid the flickering a long time ago but
> into some roadblock when the coding got too intricate. I was also
> to solve an issue when TrackGridRow is true where the embedded
> is painted even though the current row has scrolled out of view.
This is
> also an old issue. There is another issue with clicking in the grid
> the mouse that is related to having the embedded controls paint in
> correct color and another where the focus dissapears when entering
> empty grid with the keyboard.
> You could take up on this code but I'm not at all sure if it is the
> correct approach. *Hopefully* Jason will have time to address these
> issues in the future.
> All of this is very intricate and I would not hold IBO up against
it as
> there probably are not many other things out there that handle this
> stuff perfectly.
> Here is the small code changes that I was doing (not complete and
> not on the right track) it is very experimental :) lots of comment
> and in...