Subject Re: [IBO] IBOQuery - Query Editor
Author mitch_landor
--- In, Helen Borrie <helebor@...> wrote:
> >3. In the InsertSQL window I want to pass the grid row values back
> >into the database for an insert. How do I reference the new grid
> >values to be inserted?
> USE PARAMETERS !!!!!!!!!!!!!
> >insert into PROJ (remark, created, createdby, lockd, lockdby)
> > values (:remark, :created, :createdby, :lockd, :lockdby)
> Of course, you'd better have a key in there somewhere, too!!

I have examined the Tech Info Sheets and purchased the Getting Started
Guide. I can't seem to find anywhere (not even in Delphi) any code
that indicates how to get the values from a new row in a Tdbgrid into
the database.

Also I have a primary key field called "ID" which has a before insert
generator trigger to create the next ID. What SQL code should I use to
construct this update SQL if I am using TIBOQuery & TIBODatabase?

Thanks for your help. I'm sure once I can get started with this it'll
go a lot easier.


> What you need right now is the Tech Info sheets. They are free and
> can be downloaded from
> There's one publication that's designed to "pot up" a lot of the
> theory and practice regarding IBO - it's the "GSG" (Getting Started
> with IB Objects), which you can purchase online from
> Helen