Subject Re: ParamName, was Re: [IBO] Programmatically grant role to user
Author Salvatore Besso
hello Helen,

thanks for the clarification :-)

> So, for the 'tr_type' parameter, I have a TIB_radiogroup that has
> all the debit types as its items, that is bound to ParamName
> tr_type, and for the two dates I have two tib_edits bound to
> ParamName tr_date1 and tr_date2 respectively.

so the trick is - taking your TIB_radiogroup as an example - to create
an OnClick handler for the control and fill it with a TIB_Query.Refresh



This could be fine for this type of control, but what about a TIBEdit or
similar control?

OnChange event? Doing this we would have a query refresh for every
character typed. Not so good...

OnExit event? The user may type characters without tabbing out of the
control. Not so good...

OnKeyPress event? Make the control responding to the Enter key so that
you have to press Enter to refresh the query. Mmmmh...