Subject Re: [IBO] Programmatically grant role to user
Author jackmills75
--- In, Helen Borrie <helebor@...> wrote:

> Incidentally, did you know that most scalar controls in native IBO
> can be bound to input parameters instead of output fields? When
> get the knack of the parameterised statement, you'll want to forget
> everything you ever did with the BDE and TTables. Come back in six
> months and tell me if I predicted wrongly. :-)
> Yes. Download the relevant TechInfo sheets. In fact, download
> all. You'll have a crash course in many of the cool things about
> Firebird and database apps that your past life has denied you. :-)

I hope to come back in six months & tell you what a native IBO scalar
control is (busy getting the physics book out).

I will follow your advise & get the TechInfo sheets.

Many thanks for the help