Subject Re: [IBO] Increment Key from Delphi Grid
Author mitch_landor
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> Subject: [IBO] Increment Key from Delphi Grid
> > I have set up a Firebird table with a Before Insert trigger to
> > increment the "ID" key column which is integer type. This works OK in
> > the DB.
> >
> > I can read and edit the table from a Delphi grid, but when I try to
> > add a row I get an error message "Field ID must have a value".
> >
> > How can I get this to insert correctly from Delphi?
> Remove the field from the insert sql so that it isn't sent to the
> The better way is to set up the generator field property of the
TIB_Query to
> set this value for you. The trigger should test the field for null
and only
> assign a generated value if it is null.
> Woody (TMW)

Thanks Woody,

I'm only using IBODatabase, IBOTable, Datasource, DBGrid (so that I
can use 3rd party components).

Where would I edit the sql that is sent upon insert?