Subject Re: [IBO] Cannot open file "".
Author isdjhj
--- In, Lester Caine <lester@...> wrote:
> isdjhj wrote:
> > I am using a TIBDatabase Object to connect to a firebird 1.5 database.
> > If I am logged in as a member of the local PC admin group everything
> > is OK. However, if I am logged in as a domain User and not part of
> > the local PC admin group I get the following error: Cannot open file
> > "". The
> >
> >>system cannot find the path specified.
> >
> > It seems to be a security Issue but I cannot find what the Database
> > object might be trying to access to set the correct security.
> >
> > Please Help!
> It will probably be the security.fdb - the file where the user table is
> stored. In the root path of your Firebird install.
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I have set the security on the local fbclient.dll and the network
fbclient.dll as well as the Security.fdb on the network so to allow
domain users up to modifiy rights. This still does not work.

I am using TIBODatabase component not the TIBDatabase component.

The program is using the BDE for most of its connections, while we are
working to switch to IBO for everything. We needed a small form to
access tables using the bigint field so we decided to start here to
see how IBO would work.

again, it works in admin group but not in domain users group unless I
add domain users to the local admin group.

Thanks for any help!

John Johnson
Integrity Software Design