Subject TIB_Lookup ComboBox Search Problem with Turkish Charecters
Author Metin Gonen

There is no problem with the drop down list ( ordering in Turkish
charecters are correct ) but when I try to search an item which starts with
IZ , the cursor goes after the line which begins with the IZ charecters.
In Turkish the big I is I but the small I is the one with no dot on top, and
the small i is same but the big i is I with a dot on top. This searching
progress doesn't work especially for the lines starting with the I
charecter. It finds the first I but then when you write the second and the
third charecters then it can not find the matching line.

This is a bug I think. It is very important for me because my clients are
searching stock items using this combobox and now they can't reach the
correct item.

combobox properties;

search key by key = true
Seek nearest = true

I need help on this subject
Kind Regards,

Metin Gonen

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