Subject Re: [IBO] Newbie: "Cannot prepare a blank statement"
Author Svein Erling Tysvær
--- In, "mitch_landor" wrote:
> If this works without, why would I ever need TIBOTransaction?

Transactions are a fundamental part of Firebird/InterBase, and if you
e.g. made a program and wanted to move some money from one account to
another, you would want to do both of these operations in one
transaction so that you didn't risk anyone losing or winning money
through transfers. What you should rather attempt, is to get away from
TIBOTable and to TIBOQuery or even better TIB_Query.
> I must say the IBO documentation seems very cryptic for mere mortals
> to understand. It would be great if there were a short "idiots
> guide" to getting up and running quickly.