Subject Re: [IBO] Borland selling Delphi
Author Paul Vinkenoog
Hi all,

> You'd violate the Lazarus licence if you distributed IBO apps that
> were compiled in it, unfortunately. You can only use components
> that have an open source licence that is compatible with GPL or

I just downloaded and installed Lazarus. Its component libraries come
with a *modified* LGPL, allowing you to link to libraries with any
kind of licence. From what I gather from their website and the file
COPYING.modifiedLGPL, you can not only build closed-source software
with Lazarus, but also use closed-source third-party component
libraries. You'd just have to pay attention that you don't use
additional libraries that are under the strict LGPL.

DISCLAIMER: This is not legal advice! Just a note of optimism :-)

Paul Vinkenoog