Subject RE: [IBO] Borland selling Delphi
Author Jason Wharton
> Johannes Pretorius wrote:
> > This might be a boost for projects Lazarus
> >
> Yes, experimenting with it....
> > There is direct Interbase components BUT it would be GREAT if IBO
> can work on it !!!
> >
> > Just my 2 cents
> Agreed! :-)

I've thought about doing this already in the past...

What do you think it would take to port IBO to Lazarus? How similar to
Delphi is the language?

What I'd do is hire a programmer to port it for me.

Same goes for .NET.

Also, I'm not so sure its a bad thing that Delphi is up for grabs. Borland
has suffered major brain-drain over the years and it could be a very good
thing to get it into new hands. Let's be optimistic.

Jason Wharton